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LeLuv 6.5” Male Hollow Vibrating Strap On SO-010


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     This top choice dildo strap on vibrator includes a completely irresistible clit bumper delivering a stimulation experience second to none. A quality dildo strap on vibrator including powerful vibrations and a padded vagina shaped entry point for the ultimate ride. The hollow shaft makes it suitable for both male and female wearers.

    LeLuv® 6.5” Vibrating Male Strap On

    Key Features:

    • Firm, vibrating tip
    • Hollow middle
    • Give your partner the thick, throbbing penis they’ve always dreamed of
    • Medium strap stretches from 26” to 50” (66 cm to 127 cm)
    • Large strap stretches from 30” to 60” (72.6 cm to 152.4 cm)
    • Boosts confidence
    • Brings couples closer together

    Whether you’re self-conscious of your size, suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply want to give your partner an enormous surprise, this strap on is for you! The first 4 inches are firm for easy entry, but after that the veined shaft is hollow so you can place yourself inside and thrust as usual – only now you’ll be packin’ an enormous 6.5 inch love machine with a handsome 1.6 inch girth. The firm yet supple material is vigorously veined for a realistic and immensely pleasurable experience.


    Ideal Sex Toy for                                :          Female and Male

    Strap-On Harness Size                       :         Fits anything up to a 46" waist

    Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Colour         :         Lustrous Purple

    Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Material     :         Rubber

    Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Functions   :       Multi-Speed Vibrating, Hollow Shaft

    Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Length        :        8" Total - 6" Insertable

    Dildo Strap-On Vibrator Circumference :              5"

    Flexible Sex Toy?

    Firm and Flexible

    1.4 inch dia

    1.2 inch inner dia

    Fittable with any size of Penis

    FULL DESCRIPTION - LeLuv 6.5" Male Hollow Vibrating Strap-On:-

    LeLuv strap-on dildo power on a belt. Magnificently sculpted, the delightful shaft on this dildo strap-on vibrator is veined and features perfectly shaped head to provide you with maximum stimulation and penetration. This dildo strap-on vibrator is ideal for both female and male wearers due to the hollow shaft including a padded vaginal entry.

    Many of our male customers like to use this strap on as a penis extender. Comes complete with strap-on dildo, comfortable and adjustable thick elasticated strap-on harness, a powerful but silent vibrator, multi-speed controls. A favourite Strap-On dildo vibrator that offers amazing value and provides full satisfaction.

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