Privacy Policy

Pinksextoy has a set of privacy policies. All these policies are crucial to understand as these are aimed towards making customers aware of our business rules and regulations. Here are those privacy policies which everyone should abide by:

We Assure Absolute Protection of your Data

We value each and every customer of ours, and this is a reason why we consider it our duty to safeguard his/her data by all means. It can be one’s, name, address or contact details. Anyone who visits and explores our website remains anonymous. Just after one logs in our website, we disclose his/her identity.

We Process your Data

Pinksextoy not only gathers customer information but also processes them. This is done for the customer’s convenience so that they can shop without any hassle. Moreover, this would let them demand claims from us, when required. The information that are usually taken from the customers are their name, address, email, gender, phone number, fax number, details about payment details, details on bank account, debit and credit card etc.

We Accept Accurate Information

While receiving payments from customers, we also require accurate data. This data is also crucial for us to maintain and look after multiple sections of our website, identify wrongdoings on the website etc. Therefore, we demand the truest of information from our customers at all cost.

We do not Deal with Third Parties

Keeping your order details updated is also important for us. For this, you should log in through your account and extract the needed data. In order to sustain privacy, we, therefore, restrict customers from sharing these with third parties. Even if someone does this, we do not hold ourselves responsible and do not accept any false claims later. On our end also, we do not share any customer data with anyone outside. If we do, we always take the permission of customers.

We Announce Winners

Pinksextoy might require personal data from customers for the purpose of market research and opinion. Also, if customers are interested to take part in any sort of competition, then personal details might be needed. Based on these, we promote all our offers and also announce winners.

Apart from taking technical measures, we also take strong security initiatives to keep your information protected against any unauthorized access. We have an authentic server from where we might require all your personal data. These servers are well protected with firewalls, which assure complete security. This also keeps all details on electronic payments safe and secure.

We Hold the Copyright

We have the copyright for owning this confidential policy. Hence, we do not entertain any third party interference for commercial gains. Therefore, if we find that the laws have been violated by anyone, we would take legal actions. We also acquire the right to bring necessary changes in our policy. It can be adding or subtracting clauses or anything.

Write to us at s[email protected] any query or suggestion.