Win Customer Loyalty Points and Get More Discounts on Sex Toys

Win Customer Loyalty Points and Get More Discounts on Sex Toys

There are a lot of things to buy for your bedroom hours in order to satisfy your partner as well as yourself. In this 21 st century, sex toys are in news and are making their way to bedrooms every other day. In fact, online adult toy stores have made it easy for people to shop for sex toys at the most reasonable prices. With the help of these 24-hour stores, shopping has not only become advantageous but also quite cost-effective. Keeping all these aspects in mind, our online sex toys store has brought you an opportunity to win a Customer Loyalty Point.

What is a Customer Loyalty Point?

 A Customer Loyalty Point is simply a reward point for one who will shop from our online store multiple times
 One reward point will be equivalent to 5 rupees, which will be applicable to the product price
 Every reward point will be charged at 0.20p based on the above calculation
 On the first purchase, the buyer will receive a reward point but he/she will not be able to redeem it or convert it into money
 On the second purchase, the buyer will be able to redeem the reward points, provided a convertible amount is 500 and above.
 The voucher applicable for each transaction will have to be redeemed within a period of 90days

Whichever product you want to buy from our online store, whether it is a Black Court vibrator or a Crystal Dildo or the Clares Acrobatic Fantasy Male Doll, you have to first ensure that you have collected sufficient reward points on multiple purchases amounting to Rs. 500, which is the minimum redeemable value.

How will you Redeem the Reward Points?

For the 1 st  purchase:
         Say, the order value is Rs. 10,000 on which you get 1 reward point, which is Rs. 5.
         This means: 10000/5 = 2,000 points
         On 2,000, 0.20p is charged
         This means: 2000 x 0.20 = 400 

This reward point of Rs. 400 is not redeemable since it’s the first transaction and is below Rs. 500 

For the 2 nd  purchase:
         Say, the order value is Rs. 20,000 on which you get 1 reward point, which is Rs.5
         This means 20,000/5 = 4,000 points
         On 4,000, 0.20p is charged

         This means: 4,000 x 0.20 = Rs. 800 

This reward point of Rs. 800 will carry forward to the 3 rd  purchase 

For the 3 rd  purchase:
         Say, the order value is Rs. 15,000
         Total reward point balance = Rs. 400 (from 1 st purchase) + Rs. 800 (from 2 nd purchase) = Rs.

So, the customer will pay = Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 1,200 = Rs 13,800 

 You will get 1 reward point of Rs.5 on Rs. 13,800
 This means 13800/5 = 2760 points
 On 2760, 0.20p is charged
 This means: 2,760 x 0.20 = Rs. 552 

This amount of Rs. 552 will get adjusted with the 4 th purchase order value, and so on.