Wholesaling for Retailers

Know our Exclusive Wholesale Offers for Retailers

Pinksextoy is India’s well-known adult toys store that has been in business for 8 successful years. Our business policies have been quite simple and clean and we have cracked plenty of valuable deals with numerous business professionals as well. In this respect, we have a few offers for all retailers who are interested to buy our goods and services wholesale.

 Retailers who want to purchase our products and services wholesale can contact us through email with full details

 Interested retailers must read and know all our terms and conditions that must be accepted before they proceed to fix a deal

 Retailers who want to become our lifelong partners are always welcome to send us their requisition through an email

 We will accept to sell our products and services at the wholesale price of our choice.

Contact us today if you are interested to buy any of our products and services wholesale. 

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